Expansion of Our Divine Mind

The Divinity of the Mind is a subject that expands the breadth and width of the expansion of the mind in knowing all that it is capable of doing and being and knowing. It is limitless in its scope. It is infinite in its knowing. What you know today may seem finite to you but can be expanded to a level of infinity that you would find inconceivable to imagine.

It is here that we choose to expand your horizons, pharolatin to awaken within you the brain cells that will allow you and make you capable of perceiving this expansion of knowing and experiencing. It is here that we choose to show you that you are infinite beings capable of so much more than you realize.

But where to start. Where do we show you that through the exercising and using of your brain and through the allowing of your perceptions that you then allow the greater part of you to emerge and you allow the greater part of your mind, seotopwiz your brain and your connection to the Greater Mind to become more? It is here that we will start in allowing you to perceive and know the relationship and connection between the brain, the Mind, and the Greater Mind.

Your brain was given to you as a tool to access the Mind. It is a finite, dmt kaufen physical structure that is miraculous in its functioning and is like a radio or transmission tower that picks up and sends signals and frequencies. It is an open receptacle to receiving information and knowledge. It is the main focus of you being present in this physical body and works in co-junction with the heart to keep you in balance as a feeling being and to record the emotions that are felt through the heart. The brain although finite in its structure is still infinite in its workings for it’s the physical connection to the non-physical Mind. xpresschems

The Mind is where the all the answers lie to questions and wonderings that you have. It is here that you have access to all that you wish to know and to the knowledge that you wish to bring forth in this physical life and to manifest into a physical form.

It is also the receiver of the impressions that you send to it. For in your learning and experiencing here in this physical form, aatowingnewcastle you form impressions that you send to the Mind. The Mind receives them and then through your persistence focus upon that impression will manifest into this physical life the form.

There are many streams of the Mind. You are free to access any stream that you choose. If your interest or focus is in music then you will access that stream. If it is in art then the art stream. If it is in mathematics, then the mathematics stream and so forth.

There are also substreams of these streams where you can access even more precise information of an interest. For example, if your interest is in the area of producing art in oil or watercolors or colored pencil then you will fine tune your access to that substream of the Mind. You form new impressions through accessing the information from the Mind and expanding on that information into new ideas.

As you form new ideas about some subject, thegreatermind you automatically form an impression that is sent back to the Mind and there is accessible by anyone who is also focusing on the same stream or substream of Mind. In this way you contribute to the expansion of the Mind which is never ending and infinite in nature.

The Great Mind is the Mind in its entirety. Never beginning, bizking never ending and all that is contained and has potential to be is in the Great Mind. This is where there is no separation between anyone for we are all part of the Great Mind whether we are in physical or non-physical form. It is the all now and ever will be.

And each and everyone of you, no matter who you are and we are speaking of more than the inhabitants past, present, or future of planet Earth, but of all beings in all places known and unknown by you are equal and part of the Great Mind. Each one of you is part of it and has access to it at any time.

Because so many of you have difficulty in perceiving something this immense and in an infinite form, we have separated for your sake the Mind and the Great Mind to give you a better understanding and conception of your latent abilities and possibilities. But in reality they are the same and you have access to the Great Mind through your expressed intent and desire.

It is you who must start the process of accessing the Mind. It is through your wondering and questioning and then leaving yourself open to receive the answer that you start and continue this process. So many of you doubt yourselves or feel that you are not worthy of receiving. But that is a belief you have impressed upon your self or another has and you have accepted as your own.

Each and every one of you is worthy and has equal abilities to receive any information and insight that you desire. And each and every one of you are great contributors to the expansion of the mind through the thought process and attention that you give to a subject. You are all grand creators of more to be experienced and of grand contributors to the Mind. For more info please visit here:-https://www.submitweb.us/ https://www.bizmarks.org/ https://www.wikidirectori.com/

Many of you have to learn how to quiet yourself enough to receive. Many of you question with your thoughts about a subject, but then either believe you are not worthy to receive insight on the thought pondered or rush from place to place keeping yourself so busy that there is no time for reflection space for the answer and grander insight to flow to you.

Also many of you when you do slow down in your physical activity, then dull the brain by watching programs or doing activities that do nothing to stimulate and exercise the brain cells and therefore weaken their ability to be excellent receptors of information and insight. This is a condition that may be turned around through enlivening the brain cells by a variety of activities, new interests, and giving direct intent for the brain cells to receive energy and to wake up out of their dormant state.

Your intent and giving of direction to your body is very powerful. Most of you have weakened that power through disbelief in believing and feeling that it is not possible for you to do. But it is very much so possible for you to do.

This is inherent ability and gift that you were given the day you incarnated on this physical plane. It is who you are. It is part of being the powerful beings that you are.

Unfortunately, your society has instilled in you at an early age a disbelief of this ability, a sense of disempowerment and a dependence on others outside yourself for the healing and maintaining of your physical structure. But it is within you to direct and maintain the structure of your physical body. You are given the ability to do so and until you believe and know within your self that you can do so, then you will not put into full use this ability. It will remain dormant, but available to activate at anytime.


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