5 Ways To Try And Cure Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is something that effects a large allfrequencyjammer percentage of babies throughout the world. It is not known what causes it but it is usually harmless and it is unsightly. Many mothers try to get rid of it or cure it in some way. The infliction doesn’t harm or even irritate the baby but people just want rid of it!

Below we have listed five methods that some mothers swear by to cure their babies flaky scalp. essentialwell

1. Shampoo. The first thing most people try is shampoo. Specialist cradle cap shampoo is available over the counter and is usually pretty effective at removing it. The shampoo is applied at bath time and washed off. The head is carefully dried and in theory the cradle cap flakes off, newzhit never to be seen again!

2. Prevent it in the first place. It is a common infliction and nobody really knows what causes it but the effect seems to be lessened by good cleanliness and gentle massaging of babies scalp with baby oil.

3. Light brushing. There are special tools that you can buy to brush the cradle cap right off your babies head. These are basically just soft brushes but if you don’t have capcounter one to hand or don’t fancy splashing out on one you could just use a soft cloth that will do the same job.

4. Natural methods. When you speak to some people they prefer a more natural approach. Some people suggest that cocoa butter to be a great option. Massaged the butter into the scalp, appoura leave to soak for a minute and then wash off. This is supposed to soften the cradle cap which you can then wipe or brush off.

5. Cream and ointments. If the flaky scalp is becoming worse and doesn’t seem to be clearing then a trip to the pharmacy may be in order. They can offer creams and ointments that will help clear it up and will stop the area getting infected.

If the worse comes to the worse there is no need to get stressed out about it, cradle cap is usually easily curable and will actually disappear on its own given enough time. If there is no infection there then your best option may be to just leave it alone and wait until it vanishes all on its own. I know it can look unsightly but if it doesn’t bother the baby then really it shouldn’t be bothering you. For more info please visit here:-buzzindeed.com


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