Business is Not a Social Giveaway

Make a profit and leave social programs to the Government

Being in businesses serves one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to turn a profit for its owners or stake holders. People who begrudge businesses for making a profit don’t fully understand their purpose. In a capitalistic system such as that found in the United States, profit is the soul purpose of any business endeavor. Small businesses are no different, Gettraffik people who go into business for themselves, usually do so for the income. When all is said and done, income is after all, the root of the businesses importance.

Social endeavors on the other hand Socialdirectionz are driven by the need to provide a service. Some social businesses are for profit and some are not. Many times the proprietors take a salary while the business itself is self sustaining but does not occur a profit. Even though an  enterprise may be a social directed business, it still operates under the same financial  pressures as a profit driven business. Its aim may be to provide a clear social benefit but it must adhere to more strict rules and regulations than other businesses. The internal structuring may include volunteers and solicited donations. Accounting is strict and reporting to government agencies may be more scrutinized. Any profits occurred are mostly reinvested, symboliamag or used to support its societal direction, rather than being paid to the owners of the business.

If you are community minded, you may want to start a business that isn’t just for profit but also has a social function. For example, you might want to provide a service for injured war veterans , or help improve conditions for disadvantaged children.

Here are some Advantages of starting a social directed business


  • You get a feeling of self-worth while earning a living.
  • The community and your beneficiaries benefit as your business grows and matures.
  • Customers may be willing to become involved in the business because it supports a good cause.
  • It could be easier to attract and motivate Populardiary employees and volunteers to share in your social aims.
  • You could possibly qualify for a government or church based grant and raise funds from people or organizations who share your social aspirations.

Here are some Disadvantages of starting a social directed business.



  • Sometimes your social Idealbiz aims may get in the way of making progressive decisions.
  • You may have to make difficult choices as to how much income to make.
  • If there is any surplus,  profits it is expected to be put back into the business or go toward supporting the cause.

Why people change careers or start their own business



  • A change in conditions like loss of job or sudden need for more money.
  • A major life event can prompt or even enable you  to start your business.
  • An inheritance or other dramatic personal event may provide the funding to kick-start you into action.
  • Loss of job or job stagnation could mean that now it is time to take the big step. Breathingsocial

What are the Advantages of going into business?



  • It just might be an opportunity to start over or do something you’ve always wanted to do.
  • You have a chance to prove yourself.
  • You get to choose your future
  • You can make as much as you are determined to make. . 360directory
  • Even though you’re never your own boss you can have the flexibility of working around family commitments.

What are the Disadvantages of going into business?



  • You will have to ware many hats, meaning its up to you to take care of all business matters.
  • Going into business is a life-changing event and it can be very stressful.
  • Don’t make decisions that would effect others when you are personally disturbed.
  • It usually takes about three years to start showing a profit from a new business.
  • It is most unlikely that you will see any speedy returns on your investment and you must prepare for a long, and sometimes difficult challenge.
  • In the beginning stages especially, it could mean working long hours for little pay and making sacrifices in your personal life. Make sure those around you are prepared for the challenges ahead. For more details please visit here sites:-


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